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3/04/2015 - New vids of Erin Knecht and Falon Stacey, and new gallery of Dani Reardon added to the members section!
Check out the stunning new photos added to the Dani Reardon page, as well as new videos on the pages of Falon Stacey and Erin Knecht. Thanks for joining HDPhysiques! Stay tuned for a new model coming Friday - only 19 years old and BIG muscle!

3/02/2015 - MUST SEE!!!! - FREAKING UNREAL - Tanya adds new guest model Autumn Swansen to - READ THIS!
New news announcement from our partner Tanya at - "From Illinois, my newest guest model is the Stunning and Shredded, AUTUMN SWANSEN!!! She seriously has one of the most insane physiques I've ever seen. My mind is blown. Can't wait to see how she does in a few weeks at the 2015 St. Louis Pro Show, sponsored by HDPhysiques! You may know her from her fitness days... but now she's in Physique and she's looking to do some damage! Thank you for joining and showing your support!" - Tanya

3/02/2015 - MASS MUSCLE MONDAY at HDPhysiques! New videos of Lisa Grasso, Olivia Moschetti, and Shannon Courtney's ENORMOUS QUADS!
It's a great Monday at HDPhysiques! New videos on the pages of Lisa Grasso, Olivia Moschetti, and Shannon Courtney 3 - showing off her RIDICULOUSLY HUGE leg muscles! JOIN HDPhysiques now for the hottest female muscle videos on the planet!

2/28/2015 - AWESOME new clips of Dani Reardon and Australian Talor Martin added at the Femalemusclestore, by!
Check out new videos today in the Dani Reardon Studio and the Talor Martin Studio over at the FemaleMuscleStore, by - unbelievable ripped muscle girls!

2/27/2015 - New model Brandi Galindo flexes her impressive biceps - JOIN HDPhysiques today!
In offseason shape here, Figure (and physique competitor) Brandi Galindo flexes her rock hard biceps in Los Angeles. Check out her new model page, kicking off with 4 new videos, 2 galleries, and more on the way!

2/25/2015 - SEXY new video of Shannon Courtney & Tara Suzanne at the by HDPhysiques!
STUNNING HOT new clip of Tara and Shannon Courtney added in the Tara Suzanne Studio at, the FemaleMuscleStore. Hot muscle comparisons and sexy flexing!

2/25/2015 - New members section galleries of Leila Thompson and Lindsay Bradley!
Over 100 new members section photos added in new galleries on the pages of Lindsay Bradley and Leila Thompson. And get ready for another hot new model coming on Friday!

2/23/2015 - 4 stunning new videos added to the members section! - Lisa Grasso, Sandra Lombardo, and Falon Stacey!
Check out the new videos on the pages of Sandra Lombardo, Falon Stacey, and Lisa Grasso. Stay tuned for lots more later this week, including a very special new model coming Friday - only 19 years old and lots of muscle! How is that possible?

2/20/2015 - Tanya's 15.25" arms, Shannon's ENORMOUS legs new at And new vids of Talor Martin & Tara Suzanne at!
Over at our friend Tanya's website, check out the new videos on the Shannon Courtney and Tanya at Iron Gym page, and the Sexy Lingerie Shoot in LA shoot page, where Tanya shows off her 15.25" arms! Thank you for supporting Tanya and joining as she prepares for her best competitive season yet - bigger and more lean than ever! Also, over on the FemaleMuscleStore, check out new clips today in the brand new Talor Martin Studio and a sexy legs clip of Tara Suzanne in the Tara Suzanne Studio. Sizzlin' hot muscle girls to warm up your winter!

2/20/2015 - New model Lisa Grasso - RIPPED and SHREDDED beyond belief! Holy shit, JOIN TODAY for this one, folks!
New model, Lisa Grasso, an IFBB Pro Physique competitor who we met up with at the Tampa Pro.... holy hell... she is RIPPED and SHREDDED as FUK! Look at those striations in her chest and shoulders. And my wow, some of the biggest, tightest ripped glutes you'll ever see! If you're not already a member here at HDP, you're gonna want to join for this one, folks! Her model page starts off with 4 videos, and 3 photo galleries, with much more on the way!

2/18/2015 - New videos and galleries added to the member section - Sandra Lombardo, Laura Foster, and Dani Reardon!
Happy Hump Day. New videos in the HDP members section include Sandra Lombardo and Laura Foster, and a new gallery on the page of the super sexy "Lil Monstar", Dani Reardon. Be ready for a SUPER RIPPED and VASCULAR new model coming on Friday - you're gonna love this one!

2/16/2015 - New videos of Kass Kemmis and Sandra Lombardo added - JOIN TODAY!
Today is a quick update, as we prepare for some big things later this week! See 2 new clips, 1 each on the pages of Kass Kemmis and Sandra Lombardo. Enjoy these amazing bicep clips, and get ready for more hot action on Wednesday and another incredible new model on Friday!

2/16/2015 - The FemaleMuscleStore welcomes the Talor Martin Clips Studio - check it out!
The FemaleMuscleStore, by, gives a BIG welcome to the brand new Talor Martin Studio - Australia's number 1 BADASS chick! Her studio kicks off with 3 new videos - get them today, and stay tuned for many more videos from Australia as Talor gets ready for her competitions in March - show your support!

2/15/2015 - Do you like BIG and SEXY biceps? Then check out the newest clips at!
Our friend Tanya continues to get more and more impressive, folks! This weekend, she updated TanyaFitness with new clips on the Fashion Island Bridge Shoot page from 2014, and the Powerhouse Gym 4 page from 2013 - look at how much she's grown! And guess what....we have new shoots scheduled for just a couple weeks from now at the Arnold Classic... and she's now measuring over 15" on the arms! So... join TanyaFitness today and don't miss a thing. It's going to be awesome!

2/13/2015 - Meet new HDPhysiques model, Tiffany Chandler - IFBB Fitness Pro - incredible strength and flexibility!
Check out the incredible new model, IFBB Fitness athlete, Tiffany Chandler! We LOVE shooting with the Fitness Pros - their ability to do wild moves, strength demonstrations, and more, is simply out of this world! And Tiff has always impressed us with her tremendous physique. Nice vascular thick, strong, muscles! You'll love these 3 new members galleries and videos added today on the Tiffany Chandler model page!

2/11/2015 - 3 New Dani Reardon and Shannon Courtney clips in their studios at the FemaleMuscleStore, by
2 new AMAZING muscle blastin' clips of power-packed cutie Dani in the Dani Reardon Studio! Holy SHIT she is STRONG and has PERFECT muscles! Also, a few days ago, Shannon added a new clip of her and Dani training together in the Shannon Courtney Studio - get all 3 of these hot clips NOW!

2/11/2015 - New members galleries added of Kass Kemmis, Jamie Pinder, & Falon Stacey - JOIN HDPhysiques today!
Absolutely SIZZLIN' galleries added on the pages of Falon Stacey, Kass Kemmis, and Jamie Pinder! JOIN HDPhysiques NOW for the best female muscle models around! Also, check out the new clip of Dani Reardon and Shannon Courtney in the Shannon Courtney Studio at the FemaleMuscleStore by!

2/09/2015 - New videos in the members section featuring Tish Shelton, Falon Stacey, & Sandra Lombardo!
Today, check out the new vids we just added on the pages of Sandra Lombardo, Tish Shelton and Falon Stacey. Enjoy these hot clips by joining HDPhysiques today!

2/08/2015 - OMG! Check out the BUTT, quads and calves over at - new vids added!
Today, on the Los Angeles Lingerie Shoot page at TanyaFitness, Tanya added one of the hottest clips ever posted on her site! Hamstrings, glutes (in a THONG), quads & calves - all with some seriously SEXY posing! Also, check out this article regarding an upcoming guest model at TF - The SECRET WEAPON! Join TanyaFitness now and don't miss out on the incredible photos and videos that are on the way!

2/06/2015 - The tremendous Sandra Lombardo, IFBB Physique Pro, is our latest model - AWESOME photos and videos!
See 2 new galleries and 4 videos to kick off the brand new Sandra Lombardo model page! Enjoy this sizzlin' hot physique pro and check back for more photos and videos added to her page soon!




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