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4/17/2014 - New clips of Michelle Trapp and Carolina Benzadon - JOIN HDPhysiques today!
How about some new videos of the lovely Carolina Benzadon and Michelle Trapp. Enjoy these hot clips by joining HDPhysiques today! Also, see 2 more clips of Tanya and Shannon Courtney over on - 4 updates per week.... the most professionally operated single model site on the planet! Check out today!

4/15/2014 - 6 stellar new clips added - Alicia Alfaro, Miss Nikki the biceps goddess, and Pam Hannam - JOIN HDPhysiques today!
Check out the 6 hot new videos on the pages for Pam Hannam, Miss Nikki 2 and, Alicia Alfaro. Enjoy this awesome update!

4/13/2014 - SUPER HOT new videos of Tanya and super sexy MUSCLE FREAK Dani Reardon over at
Over on, see new videos on the pages of Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios page and Tanya at Evocative Studios. These are some hot and sexy upper body posing clips, so enjoy!

4/13/2014 - 7 new massive muscle clips added! - Kashma Maharaj, Cynthia Colon, and more!
Check out the incredible new clips added to the pages of Cynthia Colon, Kashma Maharaj 2, Fern Assard, and 2 clips of Kashma's mind blowing muscle measurements on the bonus media Measurements 2 page. Enjoy these amazing new clips by joining HDPhysiques now!

4/12/2014 - Sizzlin' new clips added at, and new shoots in production now!
Over on, Tanya added new clips to the pages of Shannon Courtney in the Hot Pink Bikini, and Tanya's Serious lifting at Powerhouse Gym shoot from last year. This weekend, the HDPhysiques crew is in SoCal doing the first group of many brand new shoots coming to featuring Tanya, Shannon, and many more! Join TanyaFitness now so you don't miss out on any of this incredible stuff on the way!

4/11/2014 - Meet the GORGEOUS 19-year-old stunner, Carli Terepka
It's crazy that 19-year-old Carli Terpka has a physique like this! Check out our new models amazing biceps, delts, quads, and more as we feature the recent Arnold Amateur competitor in 4 new video clips and 2 gorgeous photo galleries, with more on the way! Carli is a welcome addition to the always expanding HDPhysiques model list. This is our kind of gal!

4/10/2014 - New clips of Carolina Benzadon and Wynne Regan - JOIN TODAY!
See 2 new videos each on the pages of Wynne Regan and Carolina Benzadon. Enjoy these hot new clips and stay tuned for a hot young model on Friday!

4/09/2014 - 2 freaking AWESOME massive muscle clips of Shannon Courtney added at the by
The amazing Shannon Courtney Clips Studio has been updated with 2 awesome MASSIVE muscle posing clips from Muscle Beach! Shot and edited by, get these hot new clips today and show your support for these 2 amazing ladies of muscle!

4/08/2014 - New clips added on the pages of Hayley Nasby 2 and Branka Muscles!
See new videos on the pages of Branka Muscles and Hayley Nasby 2.

4/07/2014 - TanyaFitness EXPLODES with 3 HOT, LONG new muscle clips!
Over on TanyaFitness, see 3 new videos added today. 1 clip each on the pages of Tanya, Shannon, and Rikki Smead - the Blonde Trio, Shannon's EXTREMELY RIPPED and Massive Back Workout, and The Fitness Vault Workout! These are long clips with awesome muscle popping footage - enjoy! More videos and photos coming later this week, and we're getting ready to shoot hot new footage of Tanya and Shannon together this weekend, so stay tuned! Thank you for being a member at!

4/07/2014 - The welcomes Dena Westerfield as the newest Model Studio!
The FemaleMuscleStore by welcomes its newest studio, the awesome Dena Westerfield Muscles Studio! Dr. Dena has lots of sexy clips on the way, so check it out often and enjoy her hot videos!

4/06/2014 - 4 hot new videos added - Rikki Smead, Melinda Szabo, and Yeon Woo Jhi!
See new clips today on the pages of Yeon Woo Jhi, Rikki Smead, and Melinda Szabo. Enjoy these gorgeous beauties and stay tuned for a big update on Tuesday! - HDP

4/04/2014 - Our newest model is the lean and mean Amy Sundquist! Check out these sexy muscles by joining HDPhysiques!
New model Amy Sundquist does some hot flexing and sexy posing in her new photos and videos! Enjoy this amazing competitor from the Pacific Northwest. Much more content of Amy on the way - Have a great weekend from HDPhysiques!

4/02/2014 - FREAKING RIPPED Dani Reardon, Tanya, and new MASSIVE Shannon Courtney clips added to TanyaFitness! - click here to see the amazing new update!
JOIN TanyaFitness today for fresh new clips of Shannon Courtney's EXTREMELY HUGE back, Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios looking SHREDDED, and Tanya's HUGE quads flexing in a hot gold outfit! Also, another new members photo gallery was added to the page for the Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios page. Hot, young muscle girls, available exclusively at!

4/02/2014 - Another HUGE update here at HDPhysiques - Vids of Sara Butler, Sherry Smith, Lisa Giesbrecht, Lyris Cappelle and more!
Happy Humpday! - See new videos on the pages of Yelena Arkadya, Sara Butler, Lisa Horrigan, Liane Seiwald, Lyris Cappelle 2, Lisa Giesbrecht, and Sherry Smith. JOIN HDPhysiques today for the finest muscle women on the planet!

3/31/2014 - 8 amazing new clips added to HDPhysiques - JOIN TODAY for Rikki, Treacy, Wendy, Michelle, & many more!
Check out new clips on the pages for Yelena Arkadya, Kristy Enos, Michelle Blank 2, Susanna Hand, Rikki Smead, Rachel Gilmore, Treacy Kiely, and Wendy Lindquist 2. JOIN HDPhysiques today for the best in female muscle, and enjoy this incredible update of 8 hot clips!

3/30/2014 - The adds 2 new clips of Hayley Nasby and Melissa, in the MuscleBeauties studio
The Muscle Beauties studio over at the FemaleMuscleStore by, has been updated with two new videos of the gorgeous biceps goddesses, Melissa and Hayley - Check them out today!

3/28/2014 - TanyaFitness adds ANOTHER sizzlin' HOT new model - IFBB Pro Misty Ali
Another exciting guest model has been added to TanyaFitness. See the SUPER beautiful Misty Ali on the page for the 2014 St. Louis Pro and Misty Ali. Tanya will be putting up some special behind the scenes video clips from St. Louis earlier this month, and the photo galleries of gorgeous Misty. Her physique is just incredible! Plus, Tanya herself is getting ready for new photoshoots in a couple weeks, as she's getting into crazy hot contest shape. So stay tuned for some great months ahead at TanyaFitness! Thanks for joining TanyaFitness and showing your support!

3/28/2014 - Gloria Faulls is our latest model at HDPhysiques - and she looks amazing!
HDPhysiques is proud to welcome Gloria Faulls as our latest model! See 2 new members galleries on her page. Then, as promised, more video clips too, on the pages of Jacque Till, Joanna Wilson, Liane Seiwald and Karen Garrett. Enjoy this awesome update and hot new model!

3/26/2014 - 4 clips added to the HDP members section - the beautiful Danielle Neverkovec and ULTRA MASSIVE Kim Perez! - JOIN HDPhysiques today!
New clips on the pages of Danielle Neverkovec and Kim Perez will be sure to blow you away! New model & more bonus media material coming on Friday - it's a great time to be a member at HDP!




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