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9/30/2014 - NEW EVENT PAGE added at - See Tanya and Rikki Smead on the beach!
Message from Tanya Hyde at See another new shoot page at TanyaFitness! The Tanya and Rikki Flexing and Posing at Laguna Beach page starts off with 3 photo galleries featuring over 75 hot photos, as well as the first 3 members section video clips. Thanks to Lou Krivda for helping out Joe from HDPhysiques on this shoot. It was an offseason shoot and in some freezing cold water, but I think we managed to get some photos and vids you'll like! And stay tuned for new Shannon Courtney looking MASSIVE coming soon! Thanks for supporting! - Tanya

9/29/2014 - New videos of Pam Hannam and Cynthia Colon! Join the HDPhysiques members section today!
Hey everyone, see 2 new clips each on the pages of Pam Hannam and Cynthia Colon. Be sure to JOIN HDP so you don't miss a thing! Super exciting things at HDPhysiques and on the way!

9/27/2014 - First Shannon Courtney, now Dani Reardon releases a SIZZLIN' HOT massive legs training video at!
ANOTHER smoking hot gym clip - this time it's the Lil Monstar's turn...check out the Dani Reardon Studio at the, by, for a sizzlin' hot gym shoot video featuring Dani's mighty quads and calves! Support Shannon and Dani by buying their exclusive videos from their clips store today!

9/26/2014 - NEW Shannon Courtney videos training legs at a massive 170 lbs, now available at the!
OMG - you have GOT to order the 3 new incredible leg day videos in the Shannon Courtney Studio at the, by! Simply amazing.... the size, the strength, the power. Shannon is NOT messing around. The BIGGEST, SEXIEST, and STRONGEST legs in the IFBB today!

9/26/2014 - Check out Tanya's abs! New video on!
Message from Tanya: "Hey guys, check out the recently added Fashion Island Shoot page for another video featuring my abs on a warm summer day! This was a fun shoot and I was really having fun showing off my muscles! Have a great weekend everyone, and stay tuned for some big announcements and new shoot pages coming soon! - Tanya

9/26/2014 - Elizabeth Bradshaw, Physique Competitor, is our newest model!
Back in May, we met up with Figure competitor (then) and Physique competitor (now), Elizabeth Bradshaw for a fun shoot at the 2014 NPC Jr. USA's. Having too much muscle for figure, she's decided to crossover to physique, where she can compete with the type of physique she likes to have. We applaud that decision! Give a big HDP welcome to Elizabeth Bradshaw!

9/24/2014 - 7 new videos added to the HDPhysiques members section - See Kim Perez & Christy Resendes!
Check out new videos of Kim Perez, and then Christy Resendes on the Measurements 2 and Armwrestling bonus media pages! 7 hot new videos! And stay tuned for another sizzlin' hot model coming on Friday from HDPhysiques!

9/22/2014 - New vids of Wendy Watson and Lori Steele added to the members section
Quick update while we wrap up the Olympia weekend in Vegas...see new clips on the pages of Wendy Watson and Lori Steele. Awesome new stuff coming this week!

9/19/2014 - Meet new model, Kate Lane, IFBB Figure Pro!
A big HDP welcome to new model, Kate Lane! Kate is a top IFBB Figure Pro from Chicago, having won her pro card at the 2013 USA's in Las Vegas. Check out her new model page with 3 smokin' galleries from our shoot on a warm Chicago day this summer!

9/17/2014 - 6 amazing new videos added featuring Gillian Kovack & Wanda Keeler
Check out 3 new clips each on the pages of Gillian Kovack and Wanda Keeler. And stay tuned for the amazing GLUTES of a top figure pro coming on Friday as our new model!

9/15/2014 - Check out - AWESOME new biceps flexing clip added in contest shape!
See a new clip of our favorite Aussie over at The page for Tanya's Ripped Muscles at Fashion Island has been updated with a GORGEOUS biceps clip. JOIN TanyaFitness now and enjoy!

9/15/2014 - New videos of Asha Hadley, Andrea Lenihan, & Brie Eubanks - join the members section now!
See new clips on the pages of Asha Hadley, Brie Eubanks, and Andrea Lenihan. Enjoy these hot new vids, folks. Much more on the way, folks!

9/13/2014 - Do you like BEEFY SEXY muscle girls? Check out the new Lea Wiehl video at the by!
WHOA - we've got another HOT clip of the ultra-muscular & STUNNINGLY gorgeous Lea Wiehl, over in the Awefilms Studio of the FemaleMuscleStore by Get it now, you won't regret it! She's soooo hot!

9/12/2014 - HDPhysiques welcomes Michelle Martonick as our latest model - NPC Physique competitor with gorgeous sexy muscle!
Say hello to Michelle Martonick as our newest model! See her new page with 4 hot vids & 4 hot photo galleries! Much more on the way, too! JOIN HDPhysiques today for new model Michelle!

9/10/2014 - New vids of Dani Reardon, Ivana Ivusic, and Kim Rieck - JOIN HDPhysiques now for the best female muscle in the world!
Today's update features 6 phenomenal hotties of female muscle! Recently added models Dani Reardon, Ivana Ivusic, and Kim Rieck. And stay tuned for another amazing model from this huge summer at HDPhysiques, on Friday!

9/08/2014 - NEW Dani Reardon Video in her Clips Studio at!!!
See an awesome new FLEXING clip in the Dani Reardon Studio, featuring Dani in contest shape from various shows and gym sessions in 2014!

9/08/2014 - INCREDIBLE new vids of Asha Hadley & Jen Louwagie! And Join for more videos added of Dani Reardon and Tanya!
See new clips today on the pages of Asha Hadley and Jen Louwagie. Also be sure to check out the amazing new shoot at, the RIPPED MUSCLES at Fashion Island shoot - Tanya at her BIGGEST and BEST yet! JOIN today!

9/05/2014 - The FemaleMuscleStore adds the Katelyn Hasley Studio, and Shannon Courtney Clips at 170 lbs of MUSCLE! would like to welcome the new Katelyn Hasley Studio! Katelyn is Shannon Courtney's training keep checking back for new clips of Katelyn as she prepares for Nationals in November. Also, see BRAND NEW clips in the Shannon Courtney Studio where you'll see Shannon GETTING HUGE at 170 lbs! 2 new clips in each studio - get them today and follow these 2 as they build some beautiful muscles!

9/05/2014 - ANOTHER amazing top model added to HDPhysiques! - See the GORGEOUS and strong Figure Pro, Ivana Ivusic!
A big HDPhysiques welcome to new model Ivana Ivusic! This gorgeous stunner from Iowa totally wowed us at the recent 2014 Tampa Pro Show, where we were lucky to get a Sunday morning shoot in with one of the top new Figure Pros on the scene today! Featuring absolutely perfect biceps, and sexy legs and glutes, Ivana is one that we will definitely be shooting with again as soon as possible! Check out the new Ivana Ivusic model page with 3 new galleries and 4 hot videos! Thanks for joining HDPhysiques!

9/05/2014 - New video of Dani Reardon over at the members section - JOIN TODAY!
See more of the lil Monstar, Dani Reardon, at the Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios page at Sexy biceps! It doesn't get much better than this, folks - join TanyaFitness today for some of the PREMIUM models in all of the female muscle world!




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