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4/27/2015 - New vids of sponsored athlete Rachael Loftis, the stunning Rosie Harte, and more coverage of the 2015 STL Pro - JOIN HDPhysiques today!
Today you'll find new vids on the pages of Rachael Loftis 2, Rosie Harte 2, and the bonus media page of our coverage of the 2015 St. Louis Pro Show. Enjoy these awesome vids, folks!

4/26/2015 - Shannon Courtney adds another KILLER CHEST training video to her studio at!
WHOA! Check it out - the Shannon Courtney Studio has been updated with part 2 of Shannon's CRAZY STRONG chest workout - UNREAL strength and muscles everywhere! Shannon is simply the biggest and baddest BEAST of them all!

4/24/2015 - NEW SHOOT with HDPhysiques sponsored athlete, IFBB Pro Rachael Loftis!
Our 2nd shoot with HDPhysiques sponsored athlete, Rachael Loftis is a spectacular mix of gym work, and beautiful outdoor flexing and posing at Colorado's Red Rocks. Rachael is looking absolutely BEAST as she preps for the 2015 Mile High Pro, on her home turf of Denver CO. JOIN HDPhysiques now for this latest Rachael Loftis shoot!

4/22/2015 - 6 more members section clips added - Brandi Galindo, Crystal Wass, and coverage of the 2015 Arnold and STL Pro!
Check out new video of Dani Reardon and Leila Thompson on the 2015 St. Louis Pro Show Bonus Media Page. Then, the amazing strength of the pole fitness girls from the 2015 Arnold Fitness Expo. And then, 1 new clip each on the pages of models Brandi Galindo and Crystal Wass. Enjoy this great update and stay tuned for a new model on Friday!

4/20/2015 - Do you like HUGE muscular Amazons? Check out the new clip at the - click here for more info!
Check out the Clips Studio for a new clip featuring the AMAZING Amazon, Shawna Walker!

4/20/2015 - 6 new videos in the members section - Rosie Harte, Dani Reardon, and coverage of the 2015 Arnold & St. Louis Pro!
Check out the awesome new videos on the pages for the 2015 St. Louis Pro Show, the 2015 Arnold Fitness Expo, and recently added new models, Dani Reardon 2 and Rosie Harte 2. Thanks for joining HDPhysiques!

4/17/2015 - New model - Dani Reardon 2 - our best shoot yet with the lil Monstar!
And the superstars just keep coming at HDPhysiques! Check out the new Dani Reardon 2 model page for our latest shoot with the cutest muscle girl in bodybuilding! Dani is bigger and more ripped than ever and she LOVES flexing her huge muscles! Shot less than 2 weeks ago at the 2015 STL Pro Show - enjoy! Many more photos and videos of Dani on the way!

4/16/2015 - Over at, the FemaleMuscleStore, get an AMAZING new Jessica Bowman video!
Get an AMAZING new video of the stunning Jessica Bowman in the Awefilms Studio and enjoy some ultra-sexy muscle - Jessica looks freaking amazing!

4/15/2015 - HUGE VIDEO UPDATE! - 10 new clips, some up to 7 minutes long, added to the members section! - JOIN HDPhysiques now!
Check out the first 8 videos of our coverage of the 2015 St. Louis Pro Show, featuring some behind the scenes and pumproom footage, as well as interviews by Lauren Dean, Alyson Dallas, and Katie Lee. Also new vids on the model pages of Lisa Grasso and Rosie Harte. Hopefully this huge amount of video makes up for missing the some the last few updates - enjoy, folks! - HDP

4/10/2015 - ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! - The jaw-dropping Autumn Swansen, 2015 STL Pro Champion, is our newest model!
Absolutely breathtaking - that's the only way to describe the stunning physique of new model Autumn Swansen! This photos-only shoot was conducted the day after she won the 2015 St. Louis Pro Show (Sponsored by HDPhysiques), and we got hundreds of simply stunning images! JOIN TODAY and enjoy these phenomenal pics today!

4/10/2015 - SHANNON COURTNEY CRUSHES CHEST! - new workout available on!
Check out the Shannon Courtney Studio at the - Shannon just added a chest workout video and it's awesome!

4/08/2015 - Coverage from last weekends 2015 St. Louis Pro Show added to the HDPhysiques members section!
Check out the new bonus media page for the 2015 St. Louis Pro Show, where HDPhysiques once again sponsored Pro Women's physique! Show your support by joining HDPhysiques today, and downloading these galleries of behind the scenes action at the STL Pro!

4/06/2015 - New members section photo galleries of Crystal Wass and Dani Reardon added - JOIN TODAY!
As we are processing lots of new photo galleries and backstage video from the 2015 St. Louis Pro, here's an update with 2 of last summers most awesome shoots! See new galleries on the pages of Crystal Wass and Dani Reardon. Stay tuned for phenomenal new stuff coming later this week!

4/03/2015 - NEW MODEL - the always perfect Rosie Harte! HOT FBB muscle!
Check out the new Rosie Harte 2 for the first 4 stunning videos and 3 photo galleries of our most recent shoot with this British sensation in Female Bodybuilding! JOIN HDPhysiques today for access to all of her upcoming photos and vids, and hundreds and hundreds more!

4/02/2015 - The LEGS of Dani Reardon and the BIG 15" biceps of Tanya - click here!
WOW - look at those LEGS! New video in the Dani Reardon Studio, just 2 weeks out in ripped contest shape! Then, over at, a tremendous new video of ENORMOUS pumped up BICEPS! JOIN TODAY!

4/01/2015 - It's LEG DAY! New clips of sexy physique pros Sandra Lombardo and Erin Knecht!
See new clips today, featuring the strong and sexy legs of Sandra Lombardo and Erin Knecht. JOIN HDPhysiques for the best female muscle around!

3/31/2015 - Shannon Courtney adds a new video at - the FemaleMuscleStore!
Check out the Shannon Courtney Studio - she just added another new back training video - STRONG POWER!

3/30/2015 - New vids of Chloe Sannito, Brandi Galindo, and Lisa Grasso added to the HDPhysiques members section!
See new clips on the pages of Chloe Sannito, Lisa Grasso, and gorgeous Brandi Galindo. Stay tuned for much more on Wednesday!

3/27/2015 - NEW MODEL Heather Payne! JOIN HDPhysiques now for these hot pics & vids!
We have a new model page for the exotic and muscular Heather Payne 2! Check out the 2 new galleries and 4 hot videos, with much more on the way!

3/26/2015 - Shannon Courtney is BACK! BRAND NEW late March 2015 video!
Check out the incredible new back training video that Shannon just posted in her Shannon Courtney Studio at the FemaleMuscleStore by Also, a new video of Shannon at - from Tanya: "Hey guys, today I added another clip of Shannon working her ENORMOUS LEGS on the Shannon Courtney & Tanya at Iron Gym page. Shannon's legs are just crazy, with out of this world muscle! Thanks for joining! - Tanya"




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