Here is the latest 20 "What's New?" items that we have entered on the site. If you would like to see our archive of these entries then please our complete list.

7/26/2014 - New Video of HUGE and SHREDDED and VASCULAR, Sharon Mould, click here for more!
One of the BIGGEST and MOST RIPPED/VASCULAR FBB's of all, Sharon Mould, has a new video in the studio - get it today!

7/25/2014 - SUPER SEXY Jamie Pinder, top Physique Pro, is our newest model - WOW, she is gorgeous! Plus new vids of Carlina Benzadon and Michelle Trapp - JOIN TODAY!
Check out the INCREDIBLE new model Jamie Pinder, and her new model page with the first 4 members galleries. Plus, check out new videos on the pages of Carolina Benzadon and Michelle Trapp. JOIN HDPhysiques today for the absolute finest in female muscle!!!

7/23/2014 - Angie Salvagno fans! See the super sexy new clip at, the FemaleMuscleStore!
SEXY new clip in the studio - you'll find a shockingly hot new video of Angie Salvagno - and much more on the way!

7/23/2014 - 7 amazing new clips added - Alicia Alfaro, Wynne Regan, and Fern Assard - JOIN HDPhysiques today!
See 7 new videos today on the pages of Fern Assard, Alicia Alfaro, and Wynne Regan. And stay tuned for Friday's new model, the stunning WPD Pro, Jamie Pinder! JOIN HDPhysiques now!

7/22/2014 - The FemaleMuscleStore has been updated with SEXY new videos in the Wendy Lindquist and Fawnia Mondey Studios - check it out, click here!
INCREDIBLE new videos added to the FemaleMuscleStore! See the Wendy Lindquist Studio for a new BULGING RIPPED BICEPS video, and then head over to the Fawnia Mondey Studio if you're a fan of sexy GLUTES, long legs, and CALVES!

7/21/2014 - 6 killer new videos! BIG MUSCLE - Kashma Maharaj & Pam Hannam
See 2 new clips on the Pam Hannam page, and 1 on the Fun Flexes: Quads page featuring Kashma Maharaj. Then, 3 more additional sizzlin' hot MASSIVE MUSCLE clips on the Kashma Maharaj 2 page. Enjoy this sizzlin' hot HUGE muscle update!

7/19/2014 - New video of Tanya Hyde's ULTRA POWERFUL LEGS! - Join today!
You guys will definitely want to check out the killer new QUADS BOUNCING clip over on the Corona Del Mar Beach Shoot at - JOIN TanyaFitness TODAY for tons more videos like this ultra sexy and strong clip of some of the finest legs you'll EVER see!

7/18/2014 - WHOA!!! Check out the new beauty with biceps on the block - the INCREDIBLE Megan Trimmer is our latest model - JOIN HDP today!
Hey guys, you're gonna love the powerful bicep peaks, gorgeous looks, and beautiful smile and spirit of our latest model, the stunning Megan Trimmer. See her new model page with 4 videos and 4 photo galleries to start. A new physique star in the making!

7/16/2014 - BIG UPDATE! - Awesome new videos of Alana Shipp & Michelle Jin, plus new galleries of Ariel Gail and Alana Shipp - JOIN NOW!
Incredible update today - see 2 new galleries on the page of Ariel Gail 2, and 2 new galleries with 2 new videos on the on the Alana Shipp page. Additionally, see 2 more clips of CRAZY vascularity and muscles on the Michelle Jin page. JOIN HDPhysiques today!

7/15/2014 - 2 new jaw dropping videos added at the - Lea Wiehl & Jill Rudison!
Jaw-dropping new videos added to the Awefilms Studio and Muscle Appeal Studio. You will be amazed at the sexy muscle displayed by Lea Wiehl (Awefilms) and Jill Rudison (Muscle Appeal). Get these hot clips today!

7/14/2014 - New videos of Ariel Gail, Shawnna Doty, and Beth Wachter - HOT, big muscle girls - JOIN TODAY!
See new videos today on the pages of Ariel Gail 2, Shawnna Doty, and Beth Wachter. Thanks for joining HDPhysiques and enjoying our great photos and videos!

7/11/2014 - New model, suit-maker of the top pros, is IFBB Pro Tamee Marie! Plus see new vids on the recently added Jen Louwagie page - JOIN NOW!
Check out the 2 new videos added on the recently added page for Jen Louwagie, and then take notice of our latest model - the incredible Tamee Marie! Tamee recently won the Omaha Pro Show, where we were able to meet up with her and get an incredible shoot in with this "seamstress to the stars" of the IFBB. Tamee has classic muscularity and stunning looks, so expect her to be a possible contender for the top in the Olympia this year!

7/10/2014 - SEXY and STRONG - hot new videos recently added to! Click here for more!
Want to see some phenomenal muscle BUTT BOUNCING? Then head over to the Laguna Beach Shoot page at for the amazing display of glute muscle control. Also, for some super strong upper body gym work, followed by some ultra sexy flexing, check out the latest videos added to the Fitness Vault 2 page. More updates coming this weekend to TanyaFitness, so JOIN TODAY!!!

7/09/2014 - TOP NOTCH MUSCLE! New videos of Michelle Jin, Danielle Mastromatteo, and Lyris Cappelle added!
Today we have added new vids on the pages of Michelle Jin, Danielle Mastromatteo, and Lyris Cappelle 2. Enjoy this HOT mid-week update and stay tuned for another amazing new model coming Friday!

7/07/2014 - HOT new videos of Ariel Gail and Alana Shipp added! - JOIN HDPhysiques today for the best in female muscle!
Today we added 3 new clips on the original Ariel Gail model page, as well as 2 of the brand new ones on the Ariel Gail 2 page. Then another new video was added as well to the recently added Alana Shipp page. Enjoy this amazing update - we hope your week is off to a great start!

7/04/2014 - Happy Independence Day from HDPhysiques! See our red, white, and blue new model, Jen Louwagie - Some of the BEST ARMS you'll ever see!
Big welcome to Jen Louwagie, our newest model... and Happy 4th of July from HDPhysiques! See her new model page with 4 hot videos, 4 sizzlin' galleries, and much more on the way!

7/02/2014 - Hot new clips of MASSIVE Kim Perez and Cynthia Colon!
Today, check out 2 new clips on the page for Cynthia Colon, and 1 new clip on the Kim Perez model page. Additionally, a long sexy clip of Kim measuring her enormous biceps on the Bonus Media - Measurements 1 page. Also, be sure to check out the new gallery we added to the Amy Sundquist page. Enjoy these hot new clips and pics, and stay tuned for another UNREAL HOT new model coming on Friday, the 4th of July!

6/30/2014 - Awesome new clips of bodybuilders Treacy Kiely, Gillian Kovack, and Wendy Watson!
See new clips today on the pages of Treacy Kiely, Gillian Kovack, and Wendy Watson. Thanks for supporting - we have lots of great new models, photos and videos on the way for you - we appreciate your support!

6/28/2014 - 3 new videos from Awefilms, and 1 from MuscleBeauties, added to the by
3 amazing new videos added to the Awefilms Studio - some of the sexiest exotic posing videos you'll ever see - get them today! Also, earlier in the week, the Muscle Beauties studio was updated with a hot new clip of Hardbody Shannan - see those awesome abs, biceps, and crazy forearms with vascularity! Get these hot new clips today!

6/27/2014 - Ariel Gail has a new model page here at HDPhysiques! Check out the MUCH BIGGER and impressive 2014 version of Ariel!
New model Ariel Gail packed on some serious muscle since we last saw her! These legs must be seen to be believed. See the new Ariel Gail 2 model page with 3 galleries (100 photos) and 4 video clips to start, with much more on the way! Thanks for joining HDPhysiques.




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