Here is the latest 20 "What's New?" items that we have entered on the site. If you would like to see our archive of these entries then please our complete list.

10/30/2014 - New Hanna Hallman Videos at!
Announcement from Tanya hyde: "Check out 2 new members videos added to the recently added Hanna Hallman at Laguna Beach page at! See this hot young guest model flexing her sexy muscles in the California Sun in a tiny bikini that shows off all of her hot muscles - I hope you like her! I've got new shoots for myself scheduled in these upcoming months along with some more very special guest models that I'm sure you'll enjoy ... so thank you for joining and showing your support!" - Tanya

10/29/2014 - HOT NEW VIDEOS of Andrea Lenihan, Janelle Ucci, Lada Plihalova, Dani Reardon, and Alana Shipp - JOIN HDPhysiques today!
See amazing new vids on the pages of Janelle Ucci, Andrea Lenihan, Lada Plihalova, Dani Reardon, and Alana Shipp. Enjoy this amazing update and JOIN TODAY!

10/27/2014 - Awesome new HUGE muscle vids of Cynthia Colon and Robin Triple Dees!
See 2 new clips each on the pages of Robin Triple Dees and Cynthia Colon. And stay tuned for more updates, and another sensational new model here at HDPhysiques later this week!

10/24/2014 - Janelle Ucci - the newest amazing muscle model at HDPhysiques!
Say hello to new model, Janelle Ucci! Her new model page starts off with 4 awesome video clips and 2 photo galleries from her recent competition in South Carolina. Stay tuned for much more! And remember to check out the new guest model at - IFBB Pro Hanna Hallman!

10/23/2014 - Ridiculously HOT new guest model added at - meet the stunning Hanna Hallman!
Another incredible guest model has been added over on our friend Tanya's site, See the new Hanna Hallman at Laguna Beach shoot page, featuring Hanna playing and flexing in the sand on a HOT sweaty day! HDPhysiques and Tanya both thank you for your support by joining TanyaFitness! Stay tuned for much more photos and videos coming to that page, and also some new shoots of Tanya, and more INCREDIBLE guest models coming soon at!

10/22/2014 - New HDP members section videos of Ivana Ivusic, Asha Hadley, Danielle Mastromatteo, and Lada Plihalova - check it out!
New videos today on the pages of Ivana Ivusic, Asha Hadley, Danielle Mastromatteo, and Lada Plihalova 2. Enjoy this amazing update!

10/21/2014 - Want some sexy booty with big muscles? Check out the new Dani Reardon video at, the FemaleMuscleStore!
New SUPER SEXY SHOOT video of Dani Reardon in the Dani Reardon Studio at the Female Muscle Store by! Lots of HUGE MUSCLES and SEXY BOOTY in this new vid - so check it out today!

10/20/2014 - New vids of Katie Lee, Kim Baum, Dani Reardon, and Michelle Martonick!
Today see new clips on the pages of Katie Lee, Michelle Martonick, Kim Baum, and Dani Reardon. Thanks for supporting HDPhysiques and our models

10/17/2014 - HOLY BICEPS!!!! New model Katie Lee has some of the most perfectly shaped peaks you'll ever see!
Our new model, Katie Lee, without question has some of the craziest hot biceps peaks you'll ever see! If you're not a current member, you'll definitely want to rejoin HDPhysiques for all the hot photos and videos we have on the way from this one, folks! Enjoy a great weekend, and Katie's BIG HUGE BICEPS!

10/16/2014 - How BIG is da Monsta? Check out the Dani Reardon Studio at the FemaleMuscleStore for a hot new measurements video!
HOW BIG is da Monsta? Check out the Dani Reardon Studio for a cute and sexy muscle flexing and measurements clip from the Lil Monstar, Dani Reardon!

10/15/2014 - New videos of Ariel Gail, Alana Shipp, Dani Reardon, and Andrea Linehan added to the HDPhysiques members section - JOIN TODAY!
Nothing but ELITE female muscle here at HDPhysiques! See new videos on the pages of Andrea Lenihan, Dani Reardon, Ariel Gail 2, and the MASSIVE and SHREDDED Alana Shipp. JOIN HDPhysiques for these awesome recent models, and HUNDREDS more!

10/14/2014 - The has been updated with 2 new clips from Virago Studios!
Check out the new videos added to the page for Virago Studios at the FemaleMuscleStore! - See Jessica Williams in TIGHT shape, and sexy new bikini girl, Miki Adachi!

10/13/2014 - New videos added of Michelle Trapp and Carolina Benzadon - JOIN HDPhysiques now!
For new clips, check out the pages of Carolina Benzadon and Michelle Trapp. Also, if you're into SEXY biceps, you may want to check out the new video that Tanya added overnight to!

10/10/2014 - Say hello to Lada Plihalova as our latest model! Our 2nd shoot with her shows new improved, sexy muscle!
Check out the new Lada Plihalova 2 model page for new photos and videos from our 2nd shoot with Lada! And remember to see the latest shoot on, now with 5 new videos up on the Shannon and Tanya at Iron Gym page!

10/08/2014 - New videos added to the HDPhysiques members section - Alicia Alfaro and Wynne Regan - JOIN TODAY!
Today, see new clips on the pages of Alicia Alfaro and Wynne Regan. And stay tuned for an amazing new model coming on Friday!

10/08/2014 - adds INCREDIBLE NEW SHOOT featuring Shannon Courtney at her BIGGEST!
Another amazing event/shoot page added over on our friend Tanya's site, See the new Shannon Courtney and Tanya at Iron Gym shoot, featuring Shannon at her biggest, and Tanya at her leanest and meanest yet! As always, HDPhysiques and Tanya both thank you for your support by joining TanyaFitness!

10/06/2014 - New videos added to the HDPhysiques members section of Ivana Ivusic, Laura Foster, and Danielle Mastromatteo!
Check out new vids on the pages of Ivana Ivusic, Danielle Mastromatteo, and new model Laura Foster. Make sure to JOIN HDPhysiques now for lots more of these and hundreds of other models on the way!

10/04/2014 - New vids/shoots at, and new vids of Dani Reardon and Kate Hasley at the
Do you like SEXY muscle ladies? Then check out the sexy YOGA demonstration and instruction videos by Kate Hasley in her Katelyn Hasley Studio at the FemaleMuscleStore. Also, the incredible Dani Reardon has recently sent over 2 RIDICULOUSLY HOT training videos of LEGS and BACK (showing the big boys how it's done....check out the Dani Reardon Clips Studio for these awesome new vids. Finally, make sure to head over to our buddy Tanya's site... has just been updated with a new video from her shoot at the Fitness Vault. And Tanya has a BRAND NEW SHOOT featuring HUGE Shannon Courtney coming on Sunday/Monday!!! JOIN TanyaFitness now!

10/03/2014 - 6 amazing new videos added to HDPhysiques! - Michelle Martonick, Michelle Jin, Kim Rieck, Laura Foster, Asha Hadley and Dani Reardon! - JOIN TODAY!
See new videos today on the pages of Laura Foster, Kim Rieck, Michelle Martonick, Michelle Jin, Dani Reardon, and Asha Hadley. Thank you for joining HDPhysiques!

10/01/2014 - A rare WEDNESDAY new model - check out the AMAZING and SUPER RIPPED physique competitor, Laura Foster!
Despite being under the weather and stuck in the hotel room most of the trip to Pittsburgh, we were extremely happy and luck to have gotten a shoot with the amazing Laura Foster. This girl is SHREDDED and RIPPED! You'll really love the ab flexing in the videos on this one. Tremendously deep cuts. This girl has it all - JOIN TODAY for this very special new model!




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