Here is the latest 20 "What's New?" items that we have entered on the site. If you would like to see our archive of these entries then please our complete list.

9/02/2014 - WOW - an AMAZING new shoot of Tanya at her BIGGEST and BEST yet, over on - YOU GOTTA SEE THESE BICEPS and LEGS!
Check out the latest new shoot page added to, featuring Tanya at her BIGGEST and MOST RIPPED yet! The Fashion Island Muscle Flexing page is now up with the first 3 videos, and first 2 photo galleries - JOIN TanyaFitness today for this and countless other phenomenal shoots of Tanya Hyde and her amazing guest models!

9/01/2014 - Videos now added to the Asha Hadley model page - You won't believe these!
See 4 phenomenal new members section videos on the Asha Hadley, with much more to come in the near future! And stay tuned for another HDPhysiques new model stunner coming this Friday!

8/29/2014 - New model Asha Hadley will WOW you with some of the most amazing AB muscles you'll ever see! Galleries up now, video coming Monday!
A big HDP welcome to new model, Asha Hadley! Asha has some of the most RIDICULOUS abdominals you'll ever see! What a ripped muscle goddess! Due to the crappy hotel internet service here at the North Americans, we are only able to serve the photos of Asha for now. Video coming on Monday when we are back in the office... so stay tuned for some phenomenal footage!

8/27/2014 - New vids of Dani, Danielle Mastromatteo, Brie Eubanks, and Alana Shipp - JOIN HDPhysiques today!
Check out these 4 hot new videos added to the HDPhysiques members section. New clips on the pages of Brie Eubanks, Dani Reardon, Alana Shipp and Danielle Mastromatteo. Thanks for joining HDPhysiques!

8/25/2014 - Tremendous new video clips added featuring Sherry Smith, Michelle Jin, & Dani Reardon!
Check out new videos today on the pages of Sherry Smith, Michelle Jin, and Danielle Reardon. Also, a new video of Tanya Hyde posing her sexy muscles between sets in the gym on the Blonde Trio Shoot page at Much more coming later this week!

8/22/2014 - Danelle Dison is the newest fit model at HDPhysiques!
See the new Danelle Dison model page for 3 hot galleries of Danelle shot during the 2014 NPC Jr. USA's in Charleston, SC.

8/22/2014 - More Dani Reardon and Aleesha Young added to the, by
Check out an AWESOME new video of HUGE Aleesha Young added to the Awefilms Studio, and a killer photo set of a SEXY THONG BIKINI in the Dani Reardon Studio!

8/20/2014 - SUPER HOT update! 3 of this summer's best models - Megan Trimmer, Ariel Gail 2, and Dani Reardon!
See new video clips today on the pages of Dani Reardon, Megan Trimmer, and Ariel Gail 2. JOIN HDPhysiques today for the finest in female muscle!

8/18/2014 - Recent videos on TanyaFitness = Tanya, Dani Reardon, and more!
Over on, see new videos added from the shoots at Fort Lauderdale Beach, Tara and Tanya's Sexy Gymwork, and find more of the lil Monstar - Dani Reardon. So, for the sexiest in female muscle, be sure to JOIN TANYAFITNESS today!

8/18/2014 - 6 new videos added of our 3 most recent models - Kim Rieck, Dani Reardon, and Andrea Lenihan!
See 2 new clips each on the pages of Kimberly Rieck, Dani Reardon, and Andrea Lenihan. And thanks for the positive feedback we've been receiving on the new Dani Reardon Clips Studio over at the by!

8/15/2014 - See 5 EXCLUSIVE videos over at the brand new Dani Reardon Clips Studio at!
Our friend Dani Reardon now has her own clips studio over at the FemaleMuscleStore, by See the first 5 incredible clips in the Dani Reardon Clips Studio, and get them today to support Dani!

8/15/2014 - HDPhysiques welcomes new model, the STUNNING and ULTRA MUSCLED pro physique competitor, Dani Reardon!
HDPhysiques is proud to bring new model Dani Reardon to the members section of HDPhysiques. Dani, previously known from her amazing shoot at our partner site, just finished a very successful 2014 competitive season and she continues to improve each show with STRONG powerful muscles. Known for her tremendous muscle shape, thick full muscle bellies, ripped conditioning, and beautiful and cute looks, Dani promises to be an HDPhysiques superstar for years to come! Also, check out brand new, EXCLUSIVE clips coming to Dani's new clips store at the FemaleMuscleStore. Support Dani by buying these SUPER SEXY exclusive clips from the Dani Reardon Clips Studio at the FemaleMuscleStore by!

8/13/2014 - See the TOP FBB and WPD pros here at HDPhysiques - over 150 new photos added to the Omaha Pro Page!
3 new galleries featuring over 150 photos of the top women in bodybuilding and physique added to the 2014 Omaha Pro Show Bonus Media Page. And stay tuned for an AMAZING new model coming this Friday to!

8/12/2014 - New page added at - Thick powerful muscles from Ft. Lauderdale beach!
New shoot page added at! - Check out the new galleries and first 2 videos on the page for the Fort Lauderdale Beach shoot! This shoot was crazy windy, but we managed to capture some beautiful offseason muscle posing. Biceps are at 15" here and the quads and calves are looking as huge as ever! Join now for this and much more on the way!

8/11/2014 - 2 more EXTREME MUSCLE clips of Sharon Mould added to the by
Two more videos of the INCREDIBLE Sharon Mould have been added to the studio - get them today for some of the MOST EXTREME female muscle you'll see!

8/11/2014 - CRAZY HOT new clips added to HDPhysiques - JOIN NOW for Kim Baum, Andrea Lenihan, & HUGE Alana Shipp!
See new vids today on the pages of Alana Shipp, Andrea Lenihan, and Kim Baum. Enjoy this amazing update by joining HDPhysiques today!

8/08/2014 - New model Kim Rieck is the newest HDPhysiques superstar!
Check out the new model page for new model Kimberly Rieck! Her page kicks off with the usual 4 new clips and 3 hot photo galleries. Thanks for supporting HDPhysiques!

8/06/2014 - New Lea Wiehl video now available at the by
See a PHENOMENAL new clip of Lea Wiehl at the Awefilms Clips Studio over at, the FemaleMuscleStore!

8/06/2014 - 6 HOT MUSCLE VIDEOS added to the members section today - Megan Trimmer, Ariel Gail, and Amy Sundquist - JOIN HDPhysiques today!
Today we added 2 videos each on the pages of Amy Sundquist, Ariel Gail 2, and Megan Trimmer. JOIN NOW for this incredible update of some of today's hottest muscle ladies!

8/04/2014 - 5 new members section videos added of Robin "Triple" Dees and Danielle Neverkovec
Today, check out 5 new clips...2 on the page for Robin Dees and 3 on the page for the gorgeous Danielle Neverkovec. Enjoy these hot new muscle flexin' clips!




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